Wake Up India

Wake Up India, for if we do not Now,we will leave a generation of stupidity and foolhardiness. One indirectly elected CM and his Cabinet has taken a very insensible approach to showing patriotism towards Maharashtra.

A 305 meter high Shivaji Statue, off the marine drive,worth Rs.350 crore, on the lines of THE STATUE OF LIBERTY ,in a bid to make Mumbai a ‘Shanghai like City’. And I have some masala for you,the State Govt of Maharashtra has demanded Rs.11,000 crore to fight drought in the state.

Wait!! I have more fun for you.Some person in the state Education Ministry wants to distribute FREE LAPTOPS to Std. 9 students;all over the state; just because they want to cover their incompetent on line admission procedure. And Maharashtra has seen one of the largest no. of child malnutrition deaths in the past decade.

Yes,its funny to know that such ******s are trying to release the Statue plan on the eve of the State Elections. What a publicity Gimmick. Not that I love the opposition,but this sheer misuse of power and resources.

Perhaps if anti-incumbency plays its part,even the new govt will be willing to take this project forward;essentially for the following reasons:

  1. They know that the average family in the state is too busy getting their basics right, to survive in these exceptionally tough times.
  2. Its very easy to lure(fool) innocent villagers in the name of Shivaji Patriotism as a parameter of progress. Believe me, even Shivaji must be horrified up there.
  3. Vote Bank Politics…..did I even need to tell that.
  4. Money Making in the Process.

What point do I want to make?!?!


Lets get this straight:

  1. We love Shivaji and his principles and hence; we do not want or feel the need for the statue plan to kick-off right now.
  2. Immediately device a plan to provide free food materials to all families Below Poverty Line(BPL) in all the drought hit areas of the state.
  3. Launch a war-scale movement to actually provide the alloted help to the concerned.
  4. Implement strict measures to eradicate any food-scam or help-scam.

Folks,lets follow.

Write in your views regarding the same. Let us be the educated Citizen,that cares for ‘the person who gives us our daily bread’ .

Jai Jawan.Jai Kisaan.Jai Hind.