2 Days: 2Mishaps

First the Death of Andhra Pradesh CM http://tiny.cc/dNJsI in a chopper crash and then an Air India flight engine catching fire http://tiny.cc/Mn3BW has risen serious questions about air safety measures in India.

Though the two cases differ in terms of both the causes and the effects, some very basic questions arise on the entire aviation system of India.

While nothing much can be spoken about the YSR chopper crash case, a lot can be seen and understood about the appalling  condition of the Indian airspaces.

Some obvious questions have echoed since the incidence and one of the most prominent question has been:

YSR was a VVIP having a Z+ security on ground, then why wasn’t his chopper equipped with advanced tracking systems such as the  GPS (Global Positioning System) and the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification System)?

Another shocking incident was the one that took place at Mumbai, where an Air India plane with 213 on board caught fire in its engine. Not only did it create havoc at the airport, but the Riyadh bound flight also challenged foreign Air Passenger safety in the country, which might affect its already suffering Tourism Industry.

The worst part is that these aren’t stray cases that are being gratified.Incidences of Mid-Air Collision escapes, runway mishaps and poor security (physical as well as biological) provisions have not been uncommon in the Indian Aviation Industry.

What do we lack?! We have a solid machinery in the form of the DGCA ( Directorate General of Civil Aviation) ,AAI (Airports Authority of India) and a very active Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Yet,there are no concrete steps taken in the field of Aviation Security.Why? Is it the tremendous participation of the private sector in the industry, which is leading to rampant corruption or it is the extensive hold the state owns in the matters of policy-making and security.

One thing, we must accept,is that Indian Democratic Method hasn’t been really effective in shaking hands with new technology.

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is one good option which has been accepted in the recent times.But the underlying corruption and the weakening norms have made PPP look like “government machinery as Corporate puppets”.

Please write in if you can think of other operational models that are in use any where else and that may revive an ailing Indian Civil Aviation Industry.