TATA Crucible Day

Today,I had been to TATA Crucible Finale at the Taj Hotel Palace,Mumbai. I had earlier participated in the regional rounds of the Crucible but to had faired poorly. Not that my GK is extremely bad, but TATA Crucible has really high quizzing standards.

Firstly,let me describe my experience with the “Queen” called the “TAJ HOTEL PALACE,Mumbai”. Oh,what grandeur. Fantabulous! The reception area is cozy,quiet and warm. Its a huge hall, with beautiful Italian Marble flooring,welcoming a common man like me and a Rich Patron with equal warmth. The event was at the Crystal Ball Room of the Taj Hotel Palace, which had a well carpeted, royal look. The place could play as an auditorium really well, apart from being a ball room by make. The “High Tea” served had a lot of varieties in both the Veg and Non-veg, ranging from assorted Sandwiches, Pizzas,Indian Sweets and a wide variety of Tea/Coffee Options.

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Not that I had never been to a 5 Star, but the Taj gives you a Royal feel. Indian-ness over modernity.

Now, the quiz. Oh boy!! What a quiz-master “Giri-the PickBrain” is! Absolutely brilliant questions,with presence of mind to make the audience feel the most important people in the Place. First the National Semi-Finals of the 18 teams from the Non-TATA track. Followed by the TATA Track finals and the non-TATA track Finals. The questions were just brilliant. Inspiring.

I knew quite a few of the answers well,and also got a chance to give an audience- answer(well I did not know the correct answer only on this occasion and was refrained of a goody-bag ).

While the Winners of the TATA-Track from TCS scored a hat-trick, the team from Goa(Savoir Faire) clinched the national finals in a nail-biting tie breaker with the Madras Metallurgy team.

The Prize Distribution was by the Chief Guest Mr.Ramodarai, of TCS. He depicted how simple people are, at the Apex.

All in all,a good day.

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