22nd Birthday. Loved it!! :) :) :)

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22nd birthday was one of my best till date. A lot of people and things made it so special.

The day began with the usual wishes of close friends and family at midnight. Morning
was good,but the guilt of having missed the gym for umpteenth day in a row,tried dampening it a bit.

Office greeted with the customary ‘birthday mail’ over the company intranet. But the
HOD’s email wish completely stumped me. Then my whole team wished,along with my
friends from training.

Time was for cutting my first cake of the day.
thanks for the splendid surprise of cake,followed by decoration of balloons at my cubicle.
It was a very very pleasant surprise. We all had lunch at McDonalds, as a small token of
appreciation for their wishes.

After some work,was time for cutting cake no. 2 by my team. Another surprise!

Left early for home to receive a very needed new phone as gift from parents. My new
Nokia E 63.

Then was time to cut two more cakes, 1 from my siblings and the other from Rashmi(she
baked it herself). It was the best gift. The feeling of a hand-baked cake is above all. They gave me some really wonderful gifts….

The day concluded with an exploration of my mobile phone and other techy
Logitech WebCam

one of my best birthdays ever. Glee!!

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