Ek Jodi Kapda

Ek Jodi Kapda

Ek jodi Kapda is an initiative to provide the basic necessity of clothing to the people who are Below Poverty Line(BPL). It is supported by Consumer Electronics Company Whirlpool and NGO GOONJ

The initiative aims at collecting abandoned clothes of good structure and distributing them amongst the BPL people,across the nation. Especially on the eve of the strong North Indian winters,which is the cause of death of several hundreds every year, the initiative looks well placed.

For a long while, me and a lot of my friends were wondering as to where can we donate that expensive jeans of mine,which is tight coz of our McDonald’s-type eating habits. Ek Jodi Kapda is the perfect answer.

It is very easy to locate a drop box/Collection centre near you, using their Drop Box Locator.

Since greats like Socialite and actress Shabana Azmi is the ambassador for the initiative, we can rest assured that the initiative is not a fraud or an ad-gimmick by a Multi-National Company.

I request you to clean up your cupboards off the old clothing and donate them at a drop box near you, well before the winter starts.

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