Daily Diary – 24th October 2010.

Woke up to find the whole house messed up, parents and siblings cleaning the house, as a part of
Deepavali preparations. A very nice and bright morning , with a lot of plans for the day, made me feel
very happy and focused. Day – Long Meeting session at Oberoi Mall, discussing the in and out of our new
venture with Rashmi, Niidhi, Aditya. Learnt a few problems with my communication skills. Learnt close
friends/business partners get offended when one is not polite enough. Was time I learnt that, anyway.

Chocolate Fatasy of Cafe Coffee Day

Choco-Hola and Chocolate Fantasy at CCD rocked and let me see some precious smiles.

Learnt that
spending judiciously isn’t a crime. Its rather an art I fair at.

Planned to contribute to the ‘Ek Jodi Kapda’ Initiative, late at night. Have a few dozens of clothing that can be
helpful. However, the collection center; Malaika Electronics,Bhayandar West, did not accept the clothes citing lack of space due to non-clearance of previous donations from his shop.

Plan to sleep early tonight. Must hit gym regularly tomorrow onwards and must get efficient at work.
Hope I live upto the plan. Will write about that tomorrow.


  1. Rashmi Pahade · October 26, 2010

    The chocolate sauce is missing !!! And is it hot ???

  2. GauravDadhich · October 30, 2010

    The chocolate was tailor-made for you. It will be served madame…

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