Daily Diary 25-10-2010

Had a Bad Bad Day!!!!

If there exists something called a bad-day, it was today. Start to end, bad.

Got up late, missed gym(again). Followed by sore eyes due to prolonged lack of sound sleep.

Also woke up to know that my mid-year appraisal was JUST A DREAM!!!

Left home,only to realise that my cellphone was dry of talk-time/balance. When I reached office to login to my Bank Account to Recharge my phone, I realised I had made the final unsuccessful attempt to login to my account (of the 5 permissible attempts). So account blocked for further login attempts, for the day. And a talk-time less cellphone.

The day progressed with an attempt to resolve long-due Critical Bugs, suggestions to which were random and inaccurate. And along with a good headache, the day was already the worst in a long time.Lunch was good though.

But what came post lunch,convinced me of a bad day. Broke my spectacles in a very freak incident. Now I was sitting there with watery eyes, in front of my machine, trying to solve bugs. However,I figured out by evening, I figured out a way of solving through them

Finally, got some reprise as I reached home and settled in front of my laptop,cozily. Bad day,good night. Send your good brethren tomorrow onwards.

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