Breaking the Bad Day Syndrome

Gaurav Dadhich - Positive Day
Thank God It’s Friday. I have finally managed to break my week-long Bad Day Syndrome today. And don’t be mistaken, the day didn’t improve itself. It always has to be me improving my day, along with the numerous, not-so-happening things happening around.

The day definitely felt better, thanks to the early morning gym session, pleasant atmosphere at home and the comfortable ride till Borivali Station on a bike.

The day was indeed a lesson to myself, on, how not to hate someone, just because they aren’t your type. How not to bother oneself because of others’ goof-ups. How not to fail to accept and enjoy, those small gifts God gives us – The weekend breeze, the Pieces of Chocolate Cake, the liveliness of your city/ neighborhood.

Moreover, you cant have a better day – with 8.30 pm Dinner, Long chat with family, uninterrupted access to Internet.

I felt Positive Today.

Purpose of Life – Software Engineer’s Point of View

What is the purpose of Life? Rather, Is there any purpose of life?

This question haunted me, when I was jut of school. After giving my SSC examination, the 3 month vacation asked me a google times, why on earth am I on earth?

I guess I had found an answer to it, after a few days of continuous arguements with my conscience.

Today, as an IT Engineer, I will be able to put my then conclusions as :

God is the Product Owner of this Solution Suite called Existence (I mean,God id the PMG). This solution suite is comprised of various products  like Life, energy,etc. This solution catered to one of God’s biggest problem – Loneliness. How far can entity exist lonely! So,he created the design and started development of a Product called the Universe.

However, he realised, that if his own imagination has let him make such a beautiful product; why not involve other entities, that may further enhance the features of the product. So he made the product OpenSource. Then he created so many Engineers called humans to work on this Open Source Project. Training to freshers was to be done, so he made parents.  He then saw the Engineer’s making too many mistakes. So he made the parents play the dual role of Trainer and Tester. Since then, all he has been expecting, is a bug-free, feature rich product.

But then,at the age of 16, was I being the efficient Engineer or was I the buggy one? I soon realised the answer in every small action of my life.  Right from throwing that small piece of garbage on the road, to being self-centric. But was this the code I was supposed to write. No. I was supposed to make the World, a better place to live in. That’s when God’s OpenSource Product goes into maintenance,right?!

It was then that I understood my existence and began to code better. Offcourse, every programmer writes some buggt code and so was I, but somehow, I am not able to drive the product to completion/success. And I realised that it is the poor design of iterations of other engineers(and their teams) around me, that is hindering the quick completion of the Product.

This made me further realise, how important my task as a programmer is, to God and to Life. Thats when I vowed to start coding with minimum bugs. That I understand, as my reason for existence. Whats yours?!