Breaking the Bad Day Syndrome

Gaurav Dadhich - Positive Day
Thank God It’s Friday. I have finally managed to break my week-long Bad Day Syndrome today. And don’t be mistaken, the day didn’t improve itself. It always has to be me improving my day, along with the numerous, not-so-happening things happening around.

The day definitely felt better, thanks to the early morning gym session, pleasant atmosphere at home and the comfortable ride till Borivali Station on a bike.

The day was indeed a lesson to myself, on, how not to hate someone, just because they aren’t your type. How not to bother oneself because of others’ goof-ups. How not to fail to accept and enjoy, those small gifts God gives us – The weekend breeze, the Pieces of Chocolate Cake, the liveliness of your city/ neighborhood.

Moreover, you cant have a better day – with 8.30 pm Dinner, Long chat with family, uninterrupted access to Internet.

I felt Positive Today.

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