Patience – 02-04-2011

India Wins World Cup 2011

Minutes before Dhoni hit the last stroke for a six,we Indians knew that the World Cup was ours. The majestic innings of Gambhir and Kohli, as also the stable knock from Dhoni;  had told us that we had mined the most important piece of gold in almost 3 decades.

India won,Dhoni’s captaincy won,Team-Effort won. But we won it coz of something – PATIENCE.

Patience of one Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar – who knew he deserved the cup, every time his willow made contact with the leather. His immense talent,dedication and hard-work, to play for the game and the glory for the nation; if I had possessed; I would have launched a war of words with the other team-members, everytime they would keep me away from the World Cup. But not him. His patience won.

Patience of one Gary Kirsten – who knew that he will be coaching a bunch of immature talented lads,who had the self-confidence,but just not enough. His patience towards the political cricket system of India. Tolerance to the repeated mistakes of the Men-in-Blue and patience to understand,accept and correct them,repeatedly. Patience to bury the ghost of the 2nd Semi-Final of 1999 and come over the chokers tag and make another nation win the cup.

Patience of one Yuvraj Singh – Struggling from fitness for over a year, critics slammed him for being one of  the most irresponsible player of the team,spectators took pot-shots on his personal life and endorsements. Patience to fight fitness,to silence them all and more-over,consistently.In the style he is known for.In the way he could win the cup for the team.

Patience of one M S Dhoni –  We applauded and disgusted him in the same sentence. ‘No cricketing talent, ‘Lucky guy’, ‘Sala hamesha toss haarta hai’, ‘Ashwin ko kyu team mein nahi liya’, ‘Captain Cool’, ‘Ganguly ko nikalva diya’ etc,etc… His patience silenced us all yesterday. His patience made us admire him all the more.

Patience drove all other virtues in them. They were patient even when some of us were burning their effigies and rioting in front of their home. They were patient even as our support for them switched on a ball-by-ball basis. They were patient even when every mistake of theirs was magnified and ruthlessly condemned. Their integrity was doubted. But they were patient. They had families like us. Personal problems like us. Their own ambitions. But they patiently stuck to our expectations – till the last run was scored,they were patient; so that atleast now,a nation of greatness; learns one of the greatest virtues of life -PATIENCE.

Yesterday – in the innings break – I was cribbing about how they bowled real bad and screwed our chance to another win. By the time we began to bat,I realized the above and determined to not be impatient. I decided to be patient. So many of my fellows on Twitter did. It paid off. Patience always does.

If this World Cup cannot teach us to nurture the patience that exists in JAPAN, nothing can. Lets be patient and make this India – the world will give an example of. Lets bleed the TRUE-BLUE.

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