That boy in my school

We all remember the fun days of our school.We remember the studies,the play,the fights,the friends.We think of it as a brilliant memory of our life.We forget to understand that we have been indeed very lucky to be that normal.Yes,NORMAL!

I remember this not-so-normal friend of mine at school.No;his ideas,thoughts, wants,needs were normal.Like that of any school boy.But he was autistic.Back then,I didnt even know the term or the condition.He was trying hard to lead this life of his,with a ever-growing grin and cheerfullness.His mom was a sweet lady.She used to often look forward to me as a person to help him out in his problems w.r.t. studies.I  mostly used to be more-then-ready to help.But as years passed,the competition was making it difficult to help a not-so-normal person.How mean of me,No? SSC was done and I didnt meet him.

I went to college,saw the glam of South Mumbai,the people,the money.As I was finding it difficult to cope up with the glam,I used to think how my friend would be trying to cope up with it.Or,was he even going to college? I wasnt thinking every now and then.But time and again,I was thinking of him.Whenever I saw the world challenging my existence.Sometimes,simply.I dont feel pity for him.I feel respect.Somewhere,this not-so-normal-boy,only son to not-so-young-parents,is leading a life,not-so-cozy,not-so-happy life,with this beautiful grin,coz he knows to respect God’s gift.I sometimes think of that one unit-test where he scored a 50/50 in Maths.He is intelligent.Not quite an Einstein, but an intelligent young boy.Wherever he is,I wish him a beautiful life,sensible friends and a sensitive life-partner.Strength and wishes to his parents.

Hail Life!

One comment

  1. GauravDadhich · November 12, 2012

    I met him today. The same talkative eyes. Perfect gentleman clothing. He greeted me with a warm,confident handshake. 3rd Year Diploma. Eyes – I cant forget the eyes. My friend, you beat the bitch out of life hands down! Respect!

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