Its a women’s world.And thats how it is supposed to be.

Its a women’s world.And it was supposed to be like that.

Yes. I genuinely feel its a women’s world.No,I am not being sarcastic.It is.

If there is peace,it is because a woman understands your bad mood and stops propagating the pessimism.

If there is life,it is because a woman chose to bear the pain to bring you to this world.She chose to compromise her personal ambitions and thought of her family.She sacrificed her youth to play the role of God. Motherhood,some say is a gift to a woman.I say,it is a gift to mankind by women.

Men live under the impression that they protect their women.But in my opinion, a woman protects a man; both physically and mentally.She makes him learn and practice civilization.This serves the above.

Women are human.But men have either romanticized them into  beauty objects, or worshiped them into godliness.

Give them the respect and worship, a goddess deserves.Expect them to understand only what a human can.Love them the way you would love GOD.Give her the space to grow you would like for yourself.

She will always be patient with your shakiness.You be patient with her too.The women in your life; mother,sister,wife being most close; will take care of themselves.But if you do not,you are failing to express gratitude.


  1. ekta · July 24, 2011

    very nice…thank u so much…its such a pleasure to read something like this one..

  2. ameyasworld · July 24, 2011


    • GauravDadhich · July 24, 2011

      thanks 🙂

  3. nilesh · July 25, 2011


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