What has the world come to?!

Sanity is difficult.But the world around is going crazy beyond limits. In the City section of today’s TOI,I read the following :

 The links to these stories can be found here:




I mean,what has the world come to! We are killing life like a piece of joke.All these three are so disturbing.Yes,this city has stress.But why are we so pathetic? Whom do you want to blame? Every single person in this city (won’t call them citizens.Its a fucking crowd.) is responsible for this,according to me.We are all smiling and happy,with dead souls inside.

Surrounded by lakhs of fake souls,one is set to be fake and crazy.The weaker ones succumb.The stronger ones are so happy that their lives are better now,that they will forget there are others! This is not the world HE asked us to make. And if you cannot do your bit to help it,don’t you ever crib when you do not get support.

Go ahead,be genuinely happy.I mean genuinely. Smile,cry,laugh – genuinely.Be helpful,kind understanding.In this universe,every other soul’s good or bad is gonna affect your good or bad. Atleast be selfish and help be good.

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