The Coffee

The innocence saw the first city-party of her life with booze and smoke engulfing young Men and Women alike.”What kind of party is this!” she exclaimed.”Why is this generation so misled?!”,she told him.

She was shivering of cold,clad in her coat,drenched in the heavy showers a few minutes before they had reached the venue.While he gently rubbed her palm to give her some much needed warmth,he explained,”I know how you are feeling about all this.I equally dislike this type of life.This isn’t our upbringing.And we are glad about it,aren’t we?”. She smiled in the affirmative.But that hardly reduced her predicament.She was freezing.

She was proud of him.Sangeeta and Rakesh had met only recently via common friends.And they had clicked instantly.

“You would never want to consume alcohol?”,she asked.”No!”,he quickly replied.The party was really high with all the booze and the (dirty)dancing had begun.”Why don’t you go and join them for the dance? Its okay.I will be fine…”,she had begun to feel guilty he wasn’t able to enjoy the party because of her sudden bad-health.

He smiled back at her.No words were spoken.She knew he would never leave her alone,especially if she wasn’t alright.The host suggested some hot coffee and they thought it was a great idea.Away from the party hall,inside a relatively quiet restaurant in the same building,she sipped on to her coffee with her pink-lips.It was warm here.The coffee was making it even pleasant for her.

Post-coffee,a 15 minutes presence in the party was submitted,as they took leave of the host and hostess.
They walked a bit to hop into a bus back home.But suddenly it began to rain again.They took the first cab available and were on their way.
He caught her palm and rubbed them.She hugged him.And then they were both lost….


One comment

  1. The_Lie_Lama · July 1, 2012

    How near coincident can a story be to whatever just happened with you!! It’s so eerie!

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