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The master stroke of Sachin,
The beautiful slower ball,
The elegant words of one Harsha Bhogle,
The tearing calm of one Simon Taufel.

The dialogue delivery of Colonel Hans Landa (Inglorious Basterds),
The hope of one Andy Dufrense (The Shawshank Redemption),
The expressionless expressions of Turkish (Snatch),
The “Ph-la-ke”,”ke-la-pha” of Dadasaheb Phalke (Harishchandrachi Factory).

The setting sun,
The chirping birds,
The sound of the ocean,
The slightest moon.

The thrill of possession near the goal post,
The fastest ball ever conquered,
The shuttle meeting the racquet ,
The first TT game ever won.

Mother’s care,
Father’s flair,
Sister’s stare,
Brother’s dare.

Someone’s lenses,
Somebody’s words,
Another one’s thoughts,
Someone’s senses.

The cave-temple near the mighty falls,
The one with mice in the desert far,
The rope-way to devi,or the hundreds of stairs,
The lord that sits with grandeur at Prabhadevi.

These and many more,
Are manifestations of beauty and life.
But thou art the beauty I seek,
The one I wanna make my wife.

Urgently Needed

An ELECTRICIAN …. to restore the current between people that do not speak to each other anymore, An OPTICIAN… to change the outlook of people,

An ARTIST… to draw a smile on everyone’s face,
A CONSTRUCTION WORKER… to build peace,
A GARDENER… to cultivate good thoughts,
And last but not the least

A MATHS TEACHER… for all of us to relearn how to minus the mistakes of each other…

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So close,yet so far

There is a dark tunnel.And a long one at that.Moreover,it has two strong,bolted,light-barring doors on both its ends.

You suddenly find yourself inside it.You do not know which direction will have the closest opening.You are unaware of the doors that guard these openings.

You are unable to see/feel any light. You do not know which direction to walk in. You drop down on your knees and question your almighty.”Show me the path,the one that leads to life and you”.

A momentary connection with the almighty happens. HE points out the correct direction. HE informs you how far the place is.That you will need patience to get there.

In this moment of despair, you assume complete faith in HIM. You begin walking on the path he has shown. You walk with enthusiasm,hope and will.You are anxious to free yourself from this trouble,pain and darkness.You put more than your 100% to set yourself free.

Minutes become hours,then days and weeks and months. You are still walking.All this while,you keep reminding yourself,the words of your God. “The end is far and difficult.Be patient,and you shall cross”. But now,after so many years; you begin to re-analyze all that has happened.You begin to wonder if you had actually spoken to HIM? Or you were simply walking in the wrong direction? The one that was incorrect and far. You drop down down on your knees again.

You now begin to believe in your new-found thoughts.The direction you were walking in all these years,in the hop of good,was just not the correct direction.You were misled,hallucinated back then.And now you set foot in the opposite direction.Because maybe, *that* was the correct direction.

As you walk on your newly chosen path,slowly, God smiles at your back.”I showed you son,the true path and the virtue that would help you meet destiny.I am just a few meters away from you,but you couldn’t remain patient long enough.”. So close yet so far.

That,is life.The almighty is within ourselves.His voice is actually our conscience talking to us.We always know which direction is correct.But we lose patience.We thus,lose our goals too.The destiny we wanted to write on our own.

Silicon India’s Startup City,Mumbai 2011

After registering for endless Silicon India events and attending none,I ensured to attend Startup City,2011 today.A small account of the event is as follows:

  • The address of the venue was incomplete and insufficient.Without any landmarks pointed out.Also,when I called them up asking for directions, but they still could not help me out with it.
  • We were requested to reach at 8.30 am for easy registration process. Reached them on time.There was nothing like registration process.Absolutely.
  • At 8.30 am,the auditorium had no Air Conditioning on.Tens of audience were left to get roasted in the auditorium till 9.15 am
  • However,from 9.00 am to 9.30 am, there was an exhibition of a few startups. This was a good experience. and LA Technologies were the most interesting stalls. Also,communicating with these startups,I could actually take away a lot of implicit knowledge from them about their domains and also starting up in general.
  • The session started at around 10.From 9.30 to 10.00,I was seated in the auditorium.The two gentlemen sitting to my either sides were both entrepreneurs with brilliant startups. Qwerty Labs and Sky kay Paar .
  • They introduced me to their ventures.Both are amazing. Then I pitched a very crude idea with them.That led us to a very interesting discussion.I understood why we always need a team to start up.Ideas multiply and clarify.
  • The keynote address by Mr.Mahesh Murthy of Pinstorm was amazing. Firstly,he is a brilliant and clear speaker.I was stumped. Next his entrepreneurial journey is totally interesting.If I find the transcripts of his talks somewhere,I shall upload the same.
  • This was followed by a Panel discussion on “Milestones to Startups”. It was strictly average.The panel were not able to connect with the audience and hence there was this info gap.
  • Soon,the next sessions by a few VCs started and it began to give a picture of how the rest of the day would be very gloomy.I decided to leave mid-way.
  • Conclusion: Avoid attending Silicon India events unless the speakers and the Agenda is brilliant and the venue is even slightly corporate.
  • Also,all the PPTs shared will be provided by Silicon India by Monday.So watch this space for the same.

Basic Overview on Cloud Computing

I happened to do some reading on Cloud Computing and also happened to attend Cloud Camp Sept,2011 at Pune. I understood it was necessary to clear the cloud around Cloud Computing. I did a small,pretty basic presentation for the same.This presentation can be found here :

Cloud Computing – Basic Overview

Cloud Computing – Basic Overview (Office 2003)

Please give me feedback,ask questions,doubts and point out if you find discrepancies or mistakes.I would love to stand corrected.

Cricket & I. (via A Dowg’s Life)

Beautiful post which I can relate to.

I am an Indian. I celebrate a million festivals while cribbing about the pollution, noise & nuisance it creates. I have numerous relatives who live with the illusion that they need to control my existence. I have an opinion about everything in life irrespective to whether it’s asked or not. I eat more and exercise less. At times, I live like a beggar. Other times, I am the king of the world. I drink. I abuse. I laugh. I cry. And I follow cric … Read More

via A Dowg's Life