An Engineer

So it is Engineer’s day. I don’t know of its history.Or reason. But it sure reminds me of one of the greatest things that happened to me. Being an engineer.

The feeling of understanding why trusses exist in a lecture by Prof Bade in an Andheri Building. The feeling of understanding the first complete program from “Let Us C” and falling in love with IT.Head first.

The brilliance of Object Oriented Programming by Shraddha madame.The joy of carrying robots from one college to the other along with Kaushik Chaubal,Tania Gandhe,Kapil Pilankar and Mayank Sharma.Losing everytime though.

The thrill of participating in CHC 61, working on “The Unsung Heroes of Virtual Reality”. Developing an Engineer’s attitude.Working at the last moment.Learning the concept and not memorizing theory.

Reading the beautiful MIS,Software Engg,Web Technology,DBMS. Long hours of web development spent in a 4th Floor Computer Lab.Engineering tech festivals,industrial trips and reasons for reaching late to college.

Finding love in out-of-syllabus books from the library.Database Encryption,Raster Graphics,etc. Endless List. Starting Up with WebSmart Tech.The 2 speed breakers (A.T.K.T.s).Fighting stuff in life.

Engineering course made me more of an engineer than the syllabus.Today,I have learnt, we as engineer’s are supposed to find solutions to problems.To make life easier.That is Engineering.I am very glad I could embrace engineering with open arms.I am proud to be someone who will strive for a solution than crying over a problem.I am proud to be a Bachelor of Engineering.I look to marrying Engineering some day and stay with it for life.


  1. Abhilshit · September 16, 2011

    that really comes from the bottom of your heart .. nice to know that ..nice post

    Good luck đŸ™‚

    An Engineer

    • GauravDadhich · September 16, 2011

      Indeed. :).
      I liked the signature.

  2. Hussain Cutpiecewala · September 16, 2011

    Really nice post..
    It reminded me my engg. collage days, where I used to spent hours of my day..

  3. Deepak Chhatani (@deeeepC) · September 16, 2011

    .. ur achievements are already endless . . . and this is just d beginninh

    tera engineer dost

    • GauravDadhich · September 16, 2011

      Dude its not about my achievements.There are no achievements in here.Just memories and learnings.

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