Movie Review : Real Steel [2011]

Went for Real Steel last night with a few friends. Here’s my take on the movie :

Real Steel is a movie that deals with fighter robots’ boxing. Stars Hugh Jackman.He is an ex-boxer and now deals in fighter robots and gets them fight and thus earns some money.He loses more often than he wins.His wife from a sour marriage dies,leaving behind his 11 year old kid.

Jackman makes a deal with the kid’s uncle to settle smoothly a court suit over  the custody of the child.He gets the kid for sometime.The kid is in a smart,energetic role. Story moves around their dealing in a world famous fighter bot and its demise and consequent fights with their new found Generation 2 robot, ‘Atom’, which leads them to beat the world champion later on.

The movie has cute moments,very smart action moments,nice sound effects and a very smart piece of acting by a young kid. The action sequences are intelligent and engaging. The arenas for the fights are massive and real-like. The chemistry of the robot with the kid is unmatched. The movie has light as well as engaging moments.

Any young kid would absolutely love the movie.The crowd at the screening I was at,was that of mature men and 75% of them  really appreciated the flick.(from the claps,cheers and smiles). A different movie to watch for sure.Women,go treat your eyes with Hugh Jackman.

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