There are some articles.
Some tangible,some not.

Some memories.
Some happy,some rot.

Some lessons.
Some kept,some fought.

Some sleepless nights.
Some cold,some hot.

Oh you can take them all back!
Or may be not.

I Miss Indi-pop

I have grown up in the era, whent the society migrated from Chitrahaar to Philips Top -10. From the Indian music to the fusion of Indo-Pop music.

Baba Sehgal’s Aaja Meri Gaadi Main Baith Ja, Alisha’s Made In India, etc where it all started for me. Foot-tapping music with lyrics that had a tinge of the West and that could connect instantly with the hope and aspirations of an emerging,young India.

There are so many tracks,albums,artists I can talk about. A few of them are :

1)  Usha Utthup’s Hari Om Hari(I remember the spoof – Hari Om Hari,Sridevi Mari :D)
2)  Daler Mehndi’s Tunak Tunak tun (Remember dancing to it in Std.6).Also, the video is worth a rewatch. :D.
Also,Bolo Tara Ra Ra – The Marriage Band’s favourite.
3)  Soul reaping music by the Colonial Brothers
4)  Euphoria’s brilliant romantic music. “Tum Ho Meri Main Tumhara”, “Kaise Bhulegi mera Naam”, “Kabhi aana tu meri gali” and Offcourse, “Maaeri”.
I remember my elder brother pointing out to parents. “He is a doctor and makes music. I can do that too” (And so he did).
5)  There was Shubha Mudgal’s Abke Sawaan. Perfect fusion.
6)  Oh,and how can I forget a zorbing ball Adnan Sami, rocking the nation with his classic Lift Karadey. Followed by some really sweet romantic and fun songs.The one with Sr. Bachchan.And the World Cup song, “Aaaye O… Aye O Aaa”
7)  Falguni Pathak’s amzing girlie love numbers. “Maine Paayal Hai Chhankayi”. At school,we did a small performace of this song for Annual day.Remember being an infinitesimally small part of it.
8)  Lucky Ali’s hypotic voice really shook my soul with “Gori teri aankhein”.
9)  Aghosh’s “Mil jo jaaye thoda paisa”. A beautiful comment on life in a struggling,growing India.
10)  Band of Boys – “Tu hi mera Pyaar Gori”. Amazing Song
11)  Aryans – “Ankhon mein tera hi chehra”, “Dekha hai teri ankhon mein”. Sigh!
12)  “Chui Mui Si tum lagti ho”. Sweetest song. Dad used to listen to it every morning.
12)  And then, the remix gen songs. “Mere Naseeb Mein”, “Bheegi Beegi Raaton Mein”, “Kehdoon Tumhein”. I studied my 9th and 10th listening to these over FM.So,so fresh!
13)  Rageshwari – “Kahin karta hoga,woh mera…..”. She was a heartthrob once.
14)  Bombay Vikings – “Chhod Do Aanchal”, “Woh Chali”.
15)  Babul Supriyo – “Sochta Hoon uska dil…” …. Grew up listening to this song and feeling.My school bestie’s then favorite song.
16)  Shan’s “Tanha Dil” and “Bhool Jaa” are amongst my all time favourites.
17)  Bombay Rockers,Zeus,Juggy d,Jay Sean,Veronica,Raghav Mathur gave me my junior college playlist.
18)  Alka Yagnik’s “Dil tha yahaan abhi abhi” and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab’s some magical numbers.

And the list could go on and on and on….

But where is Indi-pop now? Disappeared? Died? Why? :O

P.S. – Don’t know if Kailash Kher and Kailasa’s music can be included into Indi-pop. They are just too divine for that.

May be its not time for nostalgia yet

May be its not time for Nostalgia yet.
May be the fire has still not been doused completely.
Oh,how do I tell that?!
It isn’t science to be proved.
It is heavenly – Only to be felt.

Yes,there is still some time for nostalgia.
Some stories, some instances – remain unwritten.
Some actions – remain undone.
Some conclusions – are yet to be made.

Some trees are yet to be planted,
Some fruits yet to be reaped.
Some weeds yet to be pulled,
Some seeds yet to be spat.

Some winters are yet to be warmed,
Some summers are yet to be enjoyed,
Some springs are yet to be danced.

A few letters are yet to be written,
A card is yet to be printed.
A house is yet to be built,
A lawn is yet to be mowed.

And then some masala-tea,
And some twisted snacks,
Some old photo albums,
Some cane furniture on the lawn,
And you.
May be then, it will be time for Nostalgia.Not yet!

Twitter Features Required

Twitter recently updated its Web UI with a few “features” like the Activity Tab which is basically a stream of activities of the people you follow.There is also a ticker on the RHS.Both,clearly lifted off from Facebook.Also,I do not see the purpose of such a tab.Things worth noticing anyway trend or are shared on the TL.Unnecessary clutter!

It also got away with the Retweets Tab and all your Mentions and Retweets now come under a common tab @<your_handle>. Clear imitation of Google’s left-corner tab for Google +.

I do not think very highly of these Twitter Updates. Clearly shows a lack of focus. Twitter could have rather worked on a few features that would make the Web UI more usable and interesting.

The following could have been done :
1) Retweet with comments. This is so much needed for the Web UI.Twitter should have made this a part of the UI long long back.
2) Tagging. More often than not,I can’t find the handle I am trying to tag. Should have rather worked on fixing that.
3) Retweets count – We could do with a more sensible way of accessing Retweets counts and the Retweeters. That’s what the people are interested in.
4) Ample issues with late-loading of Mentions. Improvise that.
5) Truncate/delete bulk tweets is a feature many could use. Atleast I could.

Meri Pari

Halki naarangi patli chaadar,
Lapete thi,
Meri zindagi ka sabse haseen tohfa.
Meri chhoti behen.

Kuch gyaarah saalon tak,
Rakhi ke din,
Darwaaze taakti aankhon ne,
Ek sapna dekha tha.
Aur aaj woh poora ho chala tha.

Abhi umra sirf 6 ghante thi uski,
Par chehre ko dekha toh laga,
Jaise janmon se wohi toh meri behen hai.

Chhote se chehre par,
Moti si moondien aankhein.
Bilkul pari.

Jab naani ne god mein pakdaya usay,
Toh ek hi pal mein samajh gaya,
Eeshwar se sachche mann se maango,
Toh jholi bhar hi jaati hai.

Saari baat

Aaj saari baat samaj aa gayi,
Beet chuke hain kuch paanch mahiney,
Ya phir shayad gyarah.

Bharti jab thi baahon mein woh,
Aur kehti thi hai jannat yeh,
Khamoshi uski yeh bhi kehti,
Kuch aaib hain tum mein,
Aur kuch mujh mein.

Kai baar bataya tha,
Ki yeh na karo,
Ki woh na karo.
Samajta tha woh bhi,
Kathputli nahi,Insaan banana chahti hai.
Par aalas aur bachpan ka maara,
Koshish ka karke waada,
Shayad baat ki gambheerta ko na samaj pata.
Kabhi samaj bhi pata,par bhool jata.

Thi akelepan ki takleef usay,
Tha darr usay ki kahin door na chali jaaye.
Pyaar pe vishwaas toh tha,
Par khud par vishwaas,
Na jaane kyun,
Ghat hi raha tha.

Jab samjha sara majla,
Beet chukay thay kuch paanch mahiney,
Ya phir shayad gyaarah.
Jaan chuka tha,
Kaise uskay sabra ka baandh toota hoga,
Kaise ussay mera saath choota hoga.

Aaj har pal chahta hai ussay batiyana.
Chahta hai usay wapas paana.
Phir usay apni pari banana.
Par kya woh maanegi?
Kya woh itni door jaa chuki hai,
Ki chaand aur taare bhi ab nazdeek lagte hain.

Galat toh kuch woh bhi thi,
Do thappad kyun nahi maare,
Shayad samaj jata.
Par shayad nahi.
Aise toh maa aur patni dono bani,
Par maaf na kar paayi,
Jab toota dil, toote sapne aur kuch vishwas.

Kya woh phir wapas aaegi?
Kya woh kabhi apnaegi?
Kya woh phir apnay mann ko kabhi pighlaaegi?
Shayad nahi.
Shayad doori sirf 1 SMS ki hi hai.
Ya phir paanch mahino ki,
Ya shayad gyarah.