May be its not time for nostalgia yet

May be its not time for Nostalgia yet.
May be the fire has still not been doused completely.
Oh,how do I tell that?!
It isn’t science to be proved.
It is heavenly – Only to be felt.

Yes,there is still some time for nostalgia.
Some stories, some instances – remain unwritten.
Some actions – remain undone.
Some conclusions – are yet to be made.

Some trees are yet to be planted,
Some fruits yet to be reaped.
Some weeds yet to be pulled,
Some seeds yet to be spat.

Some winters are yet to be warmed,
Some summers are yet to be enjoyed,
Some springs are yet to be danced.

A few letters are yet to be written,
A card is yet to be printed.
A house is yet to be built,
A lawn is yet to be mowed.

And then some masala-tea,
And some twisted snacks,
Some old photo albums,
Some cane furniture on the lawn,
And you.
May be then, it will be time for Nostalgia.Not yet!


  1. Mihir Chitre · November 11, 2011

    Beautifully concluded.

    In fact, without the last stanza this poem could have just run away with itself. Personally, I’d want the first two stanzas to be restructured but after all, it’s the choice of the poet.

    The coda is the Steve Waugh of this piece. It collects the bits and gives them a shape, a lovely shape. It uses mundane elements to point at melancholy.

    You have both the talent and the tragedy to go on to become a very fine poet one day.

  2. Deepak Chhatani (@deeeepC) · November 11, 2011

    well ull never noe wen it will end .. maybe abruptly someday ….. let time takes it call .. dont let go this feeling of nostalgia every now n then

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