Best Hindi Albums/Tracks of 2011


Okay,I did a smiliar piece for 2010.I love doing lists.I love collecting memories,dont I?! So,2011 might not have been a year of Bollywood blockbusters.But music was grand.From good movies and average.A small list to register the same!

  •  Soundtrack – I have heard the movie too,is good.But music – There is rock,there is trance,there is classical,there is remix! More than just the variety in genre,the music possesses you.The lyrics connect with the conscience.Direct!
  • Shaitan – Firstly,whattay movie! And secondly,they didnt make the movie and music separately! They entagled the two beautifully.Tracks like ‘Shaitan theme’ are cool ,yet sensible. ‘Fareeda’ is an absolute masterpiece. I reach a different level of nothingness when I listen to that track.Puts right in your face,what you actually are! ‘Pintya’ – enhanced folk music! Superb! ‘Khoya Khoya Chand (Remix)’ was outstaning.
  • Rockstar – This album is a natural entrant to this list. AR Rehman has outdone himself.Also,Mohit Chauhan.Versatile is the word for him.Some really beautiful tracks.’Dichotomy of Fame’ is a brilliant music fusion.Shehnai in it is just great.’ ‘Tango for Taj ‘ is a great compose. ‘Katiya Karoon’ just lifts you off your seat and puts you into some dance mood! ‘Hawa Hawa’ is such a brilliant way of telling a story.Also,awesome music.The way ‘Sheher Mein’ is composed is sheer creative genius.Offcourse,brilliant lyrics all around.
  • Delhi Belly – ‘New India’s Different Music’. This is what I would term this album.Creative Brilliance nevertheless.Makes you smirk.Every song!
  • Mere Brother Ki Dulhan – From the sufi ‘Ishq Risk’ to the rocking ‘Dhunki’ to the cool ‘Choomantar’ and peppy ‘Madhubala’ and ‘Do Dhaari Talwar’,this has been a great album.
  • 7 Khoon Maaf – Again,every song a gem.’Daarling’ was superb.So was ‘Bekaraan’.’O Mama’ is another song that pushes me into the Nothingness zone.
  • Shor in the City – Brave movie and complementing good music.Saibo has to be the romantic song of the year.Loved the way Tochi Raina called Karma,a total bitch! ‘Deem Deem tana’ is special.Well composed.
  • Matargashtiya – Chalo Dilli.
  • Saj Dhaj Ke, Rabba Main Toh Mar Gaya,Mallo Malli – Mausam
  • Love Breakups Zindagi – ‘Rozaana’, ‘Rab Rakha’ and ‘Chhayi Hai Tanhaayi’.You would want to wake up to Rozaana,daily. Sweet album altogether.
  • ‘Bhare Naina’ – Ra.One – What a brilliant track.Classic! This song just grew on me.
  • ‘Subha Hone Na De’ and ‘Tu Mera Hero’ are two very sweet tracks from Desi Boyz.
  • Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl – Nice,happening album to end the year with.Full foot tapping tracks.

This is as far as my list goes.I might have missed a few obvious ones.Please be kind enough to remind me of the same.

Random Ramblings – 1 – Excellence

Excellence.Nothing else,but excellence matters. In anything you do in life. And I am not talking about hobbies,etc. I am talking about you yourself.

What are you without excellence? Excellence of your thoughts.Your deeds.Your beliefs.Your love.Your work. I am sure no one wants mediocrity. Right from the farmer that ploughs his tough land to the billionaire who has everything. Mediocrity is frowned upon by all.

Then why do we settle for anything less than excellence,at any given point in life? Will power. I am sure I dont need to tell you what that is!

So,just get up and run.Life waits for none.Make an impact.Change the way the world is.Make it a better place to live in.


Laal Bus k adde par,
Laal rang ki kitaab pakde,
Laal ankhon se padh raha tha.
Aur kar raha tha intezaar,
Laal gulaab ka.

Kuch maza tha kamaal ka,
Uss intezaar karne mein.
Woh kehti thi hamesha,
Kyun mujhe itna chahte ho?
Kyun mera intezaar karte ho?
Kyun apna waqt yahaan stand par bitaate ho?

Par jab thaki haari,
Bojhil hote jab kandhay bhari,
Aati jab college se bahar,
Aur dekhti mujhe intezaar karte…
Hass padti.
Aur kehti…

Tumhein Intezaar karana na pasand hai.
Par tumhein yahan dekhna khushnaseebi.

Aur phir mere kameez ki jeb mein,
Aur kabhi mere thailay mein,
Mere pyaar ka izhaar dhoondti.
Dairy Milk.

Par agle din phir kasam deti,
Aaj bahar khade intezaar na karna.
Thoda khud ke liye jee lo jao.
Mera intezaar na karna.

Ab beet gaye kayi saal.
Ab bhi usay pasand nahi mera intezaar karna.
Par dil kehta hai,
Ab bhi intezaar karte dekh usay achcha hi lagega.

My Review : Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl

I watched Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl this afternoon.Here is my review for the same :

I liked it a lot.Enjoyed.Entertaining.Gripping.Full of eye-candy.For both orientations.Also,great cinematography.Rich YRF Experience.

I think Ranveer Singh just matured several levels in his acting.That guy has the flare.Amazing screen presence.

Script is slightly weak,but director has pulled off a blinder.

Onscreen couple Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh are here to stay. Mindblowing chemistry.

Even the 3 ladies with apparent side roles,have acted really well.

In short,go watch it this weekend!