Haslo Mhanje

A friend told me the other day about a poem that reminds her of me. Its in Marathi.If you understand Marathi,you must read this.I do not remember the name of the Poet.Full credits to him.

हसलो म्हणजे…

हसलो म्हणजे सुखात आहे असे नाही,

हसलो म्हणजे दुख:त नव्हतो असे नाही!!

हसलो फक्त स्वत:च्या फजितीवर,

निर्लज्यागत दिली होती स्वत:च ताळी!

हसलो कारण शक्य नव्हते दूसरे काही,

डोळ्यात पाणी नव्हते असे नाही!!

हसलो कारण तूच म्हणाली होती कधी,

याहून नवे चेह-याला काही शोभत नाही!

हसलो कारण तुला विसरने जेवढे अवघड,

तितके काही गाल प्रसरने अवघड नाही!!

हसलो कारण दुस-यानाही बरे वाटते,

हसलो कारण ते तुला खरे वाटते!

हसलो म्हणजे फक्त उगवली फुले कागदी,

आतून आलो होतो बहरुण असे नाही!!

हसलो कारण बत्तिशी कुरूप आहे,

खाण्याची अन दाखवन्याची एकच आहे!

हसलो कारण सत्याची मज भिती नव्हती,

हसलो कारण त्यावाचुन सुटका नव्हती !!!

MICA City Meet

Thanks to the counselor at T.I.M.E. Andheri, I got my hands on the highlights of the MICA City meet that took place in Mumbai this Sunday. Here is the highlight from a student –

To begin with, the session was not so good. Was a student run session and no faculty members present. They started with a video shot by MTV and introduced the institute and people, the course and amenities.

Regarding MICAT

Date: Not announced yet, tentatively late February or early March
Applicants of Indian origin should have taken CAT 2011. There is no such specification with CAT scores. An applicant scoring real bad in CAT can also take MICAT. Post calculating scores of both the test, based on the cumulative data, they shall decided the weightage of CAT and MICAT. No extra scores for work-ex. It may only help in PI rounds.

Test wont include quantitative ability and verbal reasoning as it has been covered in CAT. Reasoning- logical and verbal, Data sufficiency- logic, creative and lateral thinking (story writing, picture story, women empowerent), general knowledge, communication skills and psychometric tests will be a part of MICAT. The weightage to each section will not be disclosed. Their focus is that the student shall enter ‘un-prepared.’

There wont be any sectional cut-offs.

The paper changes every year so is always a surprise.

No. of students per batch is not decided but, shall be in the range of 160 (Current batch strength: 162)

Last years sample paper was presented but, will not be circulated. It had the questions related to the topics mentioned above.

GE- Egs. A set of newspapers from different circulations of the same date was given to a group of ten. They had to create a new one including parts of every newspaper; Chartpapers and sketchpens were given and asked to present- MICA! or to create a campaign for a social cause. Post the task, every applicant will be asked questions. If the applicant may or may not do well for the GE, he/she will be called for the interview and then the decision shall be taken.

Their suggestions-
1. Attempt all psychometric questions and be consistent.
For e.g. Q1. Do you like home food?- YES;
Q27. How often do you eat outside food? – REGULARLY.
(I guess these will be similar to those asked during an aptitude test conducted during school days. The concept is to get your personality out)
2. Read a lot- Helps expressing views
3. Read about the subjects offered in the course
4. Read the questions carefully

They can be reached on facebook, twitter, youtube, pagalguy; assure to respond at the earliest. Email: connect.mica@gmail.com

That’s all Ma’am. Answers to almost every question as ‘No Idea!’ Presence of a faculty would have made a difference. But sadly, there was none.

Joy Rides with BEST

BEST buses are undoubtedly a lifeline of Mumbai,since they navigate through every hidden corner of the city.

I have been traveling by BEST buses regularly for about a year now.My commute from office to home,a good 35 kms,happens by BEST buses,post 10 pm.

At these hours, when the Mumbai roads are emptier and the buses are  not overflowing with passengers, some BEST drivers transform magically into Sebastian Vettel and the likes. Suddenly,pot holes become invisible,speed limits vanish and the passengers -goods.

They will drive so rash,they miss killing a dozen bikers every night,by a whisker. Panicking passengers will complain to a conductor who will be either abusive or simply turn deaf.

Try talking to the driver,he will abuse you.May be even promise an assault. Dial 100. Police will either promise a patrol van at a  forthcoming stop or will ask you to be calm and not panic. Give them the bus details,and they will cut the phone.Bus depots are deserted at that hour,so you won’t be able to lodge a complaint once you get down.

Try meeting a police man post getting down. They will firstly argue if a bus with such a route number even runs on that route. Then they will tell you to do x,y and z. All useless steps. But they won’t help you one bit.

You approach the bus depot with the bus details the following morning and the bureaucracy takes the better of you. There is no online  procedure to complain.

Such is the condition of our BEST buses.They promise you a joyride at late nights.Don’t travel with elderly,pregnant women or kids at such hours with them by BEST. CAUTION!

नन्हा सा गुज़रता ख्याल

कभी टेढ़े मेधे रास्तों पर ,
जब सूख सी जाती थी  एड़ियां .
माथे पर आ जाती,
जब  लकीरें  मायूसी की .

बालों को सहलाता एक हाथ ,
और हंसा दे  ,कुछ ऐसी बात .
दो आँखें जो कह देती ,
“क्या है ग़म जब मैं हूँ साथ “.

आज सिर्फ एक आवाज़ है गूंजती ,
जो कहती तोह कुछ वैसा ही है .
उम्मीद नहीं है अब उस हाथ की ,
और ना ही ज़रूरत है .
हमेशा तोह सांसें भी साथ  नहीं  देती .