Vinod Duvasi

How many times do true love comes around? I believe you only love once and the rest are near hits. When I talk about love, I am not talking about those times you really liked someone and end up spending over a decade tied into a relationship that later turns sour. Loving once means that the yard stick was laid out and everything else will be measured by it. I may not talk about it, but is there in the back of my mind, swimming among the memories. How do I know it was true love? How else do you explain a trip to heaven? Missing someone every moment, where you want to become one. Being inside and not wanting to come out, getting lost in the delight of the moment.


Her name was —-. Light skin, brown eyes, young and full of life, just as I was, too young…

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Patience 27-05

I had written a small Patience 02-04 last year,when India had won the Cricket World Cup. Well, this one is for KKR’s IPL Win.

Patience has won.

1) Patience of one Jaques Kallis – Perhaps the best all rounder of modern cricket. In all formats of the game. Stats peak for themselves. Belonging  to a powerful South African Cricket team, who has missed on World Cups,ICC Knockouts,T20 WorldCups and what not. Only patience can get such a man going. And it did. Master knock that made them win the IPL5.

2) Patience of one Vijay Dahiya – Long domestic career, followed by a short stint with the Indian National Team. Ups and Downs in a career that can break anyone. But not this man. Took up the charge of KKR as assistant coach. The mental strength the KKR  boys show today speak tons about his hard work over the past few months. His patience lets him taste success today.

3)  Patience of one Shakib Al Hasan – Coming from a difficult,young Bangladesh, looking promising from the word GO! This man has single-handedly led the Bangladesh Cricket team to several wins. Best ODI all rounder by ICC. At times, his outstanding performance also would not allow him the taste of a big tournament’s win. Well, this man did all he could this season of IPL and the result is right there. Patience won!

4) Patience of one  SRK, on Juhi Chawla Mehta, one Jay Mehta – 3 seasons of utter despair. A playoffs loss last season and bashing in the first innings today. Nothing but patience sees you through such tough times.

And then the patience of fans,the team and supporting staff, supporting their team through 5 years of thick and thin. Kudos!

Patience indeed is an important virtue of life. Patience can perhaps bring you what even prayers cannot.


As I oscillate between melancholy and euphoria,
Broken pieces of shattered dreams all around,
I have begun to walk.

Pieces of past puncture the veins of my feet,
I look at the future with closed eyes,
Scared to see the unplanned.

I have taken a leap.
I will still bleed.
But lying motionless was no more an option.

When I open my eyes,
I want to watch a past that I can bear and smile at.
And a present that promises the future I had planned for my self.

Direct Dil Se (Not a Poem)

There is hope while at work,
To work more,
But Differently.

As I drag myself back home,
There is hope,

Of new things I would do tonight.
Of new things I would tweet tonight.

As I reach home,
I fall.
Melancholy encapsulates me.

Nostalgia,they say, is a bitch!
Oh yes, coz we are trying to run away,
From our past.

I know no way to live,
Than by being in peace with my past.

I know no way to love,
Than to recount every moment we lived.

There are piles of files to write off.
There are miles to go.

But without you,
There is just a long straight road.
It merges in the horizon;
The horizon moves with me.
Unreachable,like you.

I will shave tomorrow

I will shave tomorrow,
Its too much of stubble.
There are scars on my face,
To the world – invisible.

The face is charred,
The soul is tanned.
I have smiled through smoke,
But the lungs now choke.

The road was twisted,
But I had thought I’ll sail.
And off-course I did,
With face so frail.

I will shave tomorrow,
Tonight its too late.
The scars won’t just go,
But I shall wait.

Go ahead and read. Go ahead and write; to me!

Chew on it.

It needn’t make sense to me. I needn’t agree. It needn’t be the same language. It needn’t be the same place.
But talk.
Tell me about your world.
Your dreams, your plans.
All of those that fell in place, fell apart, or simply fell from your eyes.
Draw those faces with words.
The noses, the scars.
The curve of the lips and the furrowed brow.
Draw those fingers on my hand.
Tell me about your expectations of me.
Why I fail, how I fail.
I will not comply.
Or I even might.
Tell me till we complete each others’ words. And we plan each others’ days. That we fight, grow tired of each other and stop talking, but when the smallest word you used repeats itself in my head or the silliest thing I observed occurs in front of you, we write again.
To each other. Telling you and…

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