Like the kid that lost his favourite toy,
He runs around with beating legs.
In search of a substitute,
Which he knows exists not.

Filling his time with pranks a lot,
And making friends that may help him find,
The toy he took to bed each night,
For he didn’t want to lose it at all.

But that rainy night with hair so wet,
Walking through knee-deep mud,
He couldn’t realize the loosening grip,
Of the toy so beloved.

Went crying he when couldn’t find,
The greatest joy he ever had,
The moon-light just wasn’t enough,
He wished the toy would illuminate.

Billion moments have passed since then,
He reminisces every moment of joy.
He searches on streets virgin,
Praying to find back his lovely toy.

One comment

  1. Punkster · May 1, 2012

    Very good.
    Innocent and poignant.

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