Go ahead and read. Go ahead and write; to me!

Chew on it.

It needn’t make sense to me. I needn’t agree. It needn’t be the same language. It needn’t be the same place.
But talk.
Tell me about your world.
Your dreams, your plans.
All of those that fell in place, fell apart, or simply fell from your eyes.
Draw those faces with words.
The noses, the scars.
The curve of the lips and the furrowed brow.
Draw those fingers on my hand.
Tell me about your expectations of me.
Why I fail, how I fail.
I will not comply.
Or I even might.
Tell me till we complete each others’ words. And we plan each others’ days. That we fight, grow tired of each other and stop talking, but when the smallest word you used repeats itself in my head or the silliest thing I observed occurs in front of you, we write again.
To each other. Telling you and…

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