Does it never scare you,
How I do not act like an estranged lover?
How I never stalk you and your new man?
How I never buzz you with blank calls from alien numbers?
How I never transfer a part of the pain I feel?
How I never try to remind you of our glorious pasts and the promises?
How I never approach ur parents in an attempt to destroy you?
How I never break the sanctions you imposed on me while throwing me in the trash?

Does it never scare you,how I spend my life in u,but without you?


  1. radhikamohandas · June 25, 2012

    It scares me. How you aren’t really silent about it, but killing yourself by the minute. How you’re counting the minutes- not of your living, but of your time away from her. Throw it away. It’s growing into you.

  2. Mihir Chitre · June 27, 2012

    Touching piece, Gaurav. Well-written. Some verbs such as ‘transfer’ were aptly used.

    Wait. Wait for your time. Life could be a bitch once, life could be a bitch twice, but bad luck would get bored someday. Be prepared. Wait for your time. It will come. 🙂

    • GauravDadhich · June 27, 2012


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