Indian Digital Media Awards,2013

Indian Digital Media Awards, 2013 has officially been announced. These are the largest Digital Media Awards in India with almost all leading digital agencies participating and competing to prove their metal. The objective of the Indian Digital Media Awards 2013 is to recognise, celebrate and encourage the work being done in the ever-growing digital space… specifically, internet, mobile, gaming and social media.

Highlights from IDMA 2012 :

  • IDMA Person of the Year : Sachin Bansal, Flipkart
  • Best Agency Award : Maxus Global
  • IDMA Digital Startup of the Year :
  • IDMA Digital Advertiser of the Year : Hero MotoCorp

The award ceremony will take place on the 12th June,2013 at the ITC Grand Central Sheraton, Mumbai. The awards exist in 55 categories that can be found here:

The entries for the event are now open. To know more, visit their website here –

IDMA 2013 can additionally also be visited on:
Twitter : @IDMA_2013 (#IDMA13 is the event hashtag)
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What are you doing to work on your weaknesses?!

Management education is a fantastic opportunity to learn management skills, business accumen, networking and a great booster to one’s career.

At the same time, Management Education is a great opportunity for experienced professionals and fresh graduates to come together, find time to gain more skills and work on another level of self grooming.

Who does not have weaknesses? I am not one of the most cool-headed guys I know of. Also, I lacked time-management skills (read priortization skills) and I am not someone who invests a lot of time in physical fitness. Everyone has weaknesses. For some, these may be communication skills, punctuality, lack-of-diligence, etc. Management education id perhaps the best time to invest in working on your weaknesses – professional and personal.

As they say, WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE. So, being aware of your weaknesses is half the job done. And the remaining can be conquered by a strong will and some basic planning.

So, how are you working on your weaknesses? Some of the things I have tried at some point in time are :
– Realizing the significance and impact of your weakness in the future career and personal scenario. This has clearly helped me priortize my weakness to work on.
– Work on all of them simultaneously. A little bit everyday. But if something needs focus, priortize.
– Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Like yourself. Appreciate your own efforts. Discuss your hard work with the near and dear ones. Respect your values. The good person beneath. This helps you to accept your weaknesses better and work on then with lesser self-resistance.
– Take suggestions. Ask people who have had similar problems or working on them and see how their method and experience can help you solve yours.
– Take feedback. Ask people if they can notice a difference. Tell them what you are trying and ask what they think about it.
– Take pride. Do not be ashamed of your weaknesses. Be proud of the fact that you are trying to solve them. Take pride in your proactiveness and commitment to be a better individual.

Try these and work towards converting your weaknesses into strengths.

What are HRs looking for in fresh graduates(tech + MBA)?

I have had the opportunity to interact with a lot of senior managers and senior HR Personnel (recruitment decision makers and panelists). Also, my collective learning from my colleagues and peers who have been panelists at various recruitment drives and their interactions with the decision makers have helped me understand a few things about recruitment of fresh graduates (both Tech and Management). Let me summarize them as:

  • Core skills and logical skills matter a lot more over exam scores
  • Ability of person to adjust to learn and hone core skills, matter the most
  • Cultural fit of the candidate with the organization
  • Adaptability and scalability of the candidate
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Whether the candidate has a good idea of how he can learn,unlearn and relearn to bring value to the organization
  • Whether he/she has done the diligence about the organization, the industry and the job description

Keep these in mind to prepare for your interviews and interviews shall become learning experiences in themselves.

*As and when I recall more, I shall add them as comments. You are also requested to do the same.


So much we talk about the happiness of our dreams.
I now believe it is nothing but the absence of sadness.

But how miserably I fail.
To thank for my needs, my comforts and my luxuries alike.

The joy of composing a good poem when the heart is heavy, is happiness.
The joy of singing out loud, in pain or in pleasure; is happiness.
The ritual of rubbing sleepy eyes every morning,
With the same thought of having missed breakfast; is happiness.

Every little while, I should sit back and recollect and rejoice.
The past. The memoirs. The tales.

Today I am happy – Inspite of all the problems around, I have realized I am happy.
So much so, I am writing this..

A different holi

I didn’t go home this holi. I rather visited grandparents and a few relatives. Saw how most of Rajasthan paralyzes itself for almost 2 days. Ate home-made food (the standard same taste across all relatives in my family). And back.

We don’t make gujiyas at our place. Nor do we make puran-polis. But most of my friends have been so generous to bring back ample of both to fulfill my greed. Thank you all.

Not playing with colors is now an almost 10-year long tradition. I kinda hate it. The usual thing is to get up late, hog on amazing mom-made food and then laze around and sleep again. This has been, a different holi.