What are you doing to work on your weaknesses?!

Management education is a fantastic opportunity to learn management skills, business accumen, networking and a great booster to one’s career.

At the same time, Management Education is a great opportunity for experienced professionals and fresh graduates to come together, find time to gain more skills and work on another level of self grooming.

Who does not have weaknesses? I am not one of the most cool-headed guys I know of. Also, I lacked time-management skills (read priortization skills) and I am not someone who invests a lot of time in physical fitness. Everyone has weaknesses. For some, these may be communication skills, punctuality, lack-of-diligence, etc. Management education id perhaps the best time to invest in working on your weaknesses – professional and personal.

As they say, WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE. So, being aware of your weaknesses is half the job done. And the remaining can be conquered by a strong will and some basic planning.

So, how are you working on your weaknesses? Some of the things I have tried at some point in time are :
– Realizing the significance and impact of your weakness in the future career and personal scenario. This has clearly helped me priortize my weakness to work on.
– Work on all of them simultaneously. A little bit everyday. But if something needs focus, priortize.
– Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Like yourself. Appreciate your own efforts. Discuss your hard work with the near and dear ones. Respect your values. The good person beneath. This helps you to accept your weaknesses better and work on then with lesser self-resistance.
– Take suggestions. Ask people who have had similar problems or working on them and see how their method and experience can help you solve yours.
– Take feedback. Ask people if they can notice a difference. Tell them what you are trying and ask what they think about it.
– Take pride. Do not be ashamed of your weaknesses. Be proud of the fact that you are trying to solve them. Take pride in your proactiveness and commitment to be a better individual.

Try these and work towards converting your weaknesses into strengths.


  1. Manish Arora · April 8, 2013

    Agree with Love yourself point. Really no use cribbing around your weakness. One has 2 realise your past efforts determined present and your present efforts determine your future. Good read!!

    • GauravDadhich · April 9, 2013

      Thanks Manish.

  2. iBeingMe · April 8, 2013

    I strongly agree to the points you have boiled down.

    Keep writing..

    • GauravDadhich · April 9, 2013


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