Most of us have a purpose in life. And most of us will not be able to pursue that purpose. Because LIFE happens. We wait for the right moment. For some, their master plans materialize. For some, the right moment never arrives. Because LIFE keeps happening. Is there a remedy? Can this be controlled? Should this be controlled?

We often want to do a lot of things together. We want to pursue various careers together. We want to becomes a Sales person. And then we love watching history. But clicking nice pictures also gives us a high. Then is it fair to have just one purpose?

If we look at the lives of some of the most successful person of the yesteryear, they started small; their actions governed by circumstances and ad-hoc opportunities. However, success in recent years have often kissed people who had a master plan right from the word go! 

I continue to ponder.

One comment

  1. Aavika Dhanda · April 11, 2014

    Very intriguing piece.
    I found this somewhere- “They always say time changed things, but you actually have to change them yourself”- Andy Warhol.
    Keep going!

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