Be Kind

Politeness is underrated
Chivalry is overrated
Kindness is dead.


Anger is easy
So is ignorance
Patience is not.


A courteous response
A calm smile
A patient ear
Is all people seek sometimes.


Be kind.
Not because you are responsible.
Not because you owe it to the world.
Not because you need to oblige.
Be kind.
Because that is all someone might need to not disappear forever.


Every single day

Every single day
He rolled up his sleeve
To conquer the world
With a faint heart and a quaint smile.


Every single day
He fought his inner demons
The world saw them as battles
He knew it was a war.


Every single day
He dissolved memories
In the sweat of his hard work
Making new ones.


Every single day
He painted the past
On the canvas of future
Searching the missing muse.


Every single day
He scrubbed off his soul
Peeled off the misunderstandings
Attempting to win a lost war.
Every single day.

Hold me.

Hold me. And my thoughts. For now I am a little full. Some of it is pain. Of separations from the past. And the ones to come. And some of it is fear. Of being pushed down a cliff. It sure looks like water beneath. But what if it is shallow? Or just an illusion?

Hold me. And look at my eyes. Do my swollen burning eyes speak of the hundred awkward moments it has seen today? Or of the thousand smirks and chuckles it encountered? Or of the million words it consumed? Or how they have longed to see yours, all day?

Hold me. And my breath. And pump in some of the fresh air you exhale, deep into my lungs. And then smother me with your bare hands. And put me to a sleep so divine, that only death can better it.

Society Tried To Keep Up With Pop Culture. What Happened Next Will Melt Your Brain.

Ashish Shakya

(Note: This was part of the HT Brunch cover story for 3rd August 2014. You can read the shorter print version here.)

“I cried because my 3G was down, until I met a man who had no smartphone.” – Rumi

The internet is arguably the greatest invention of the 21st century, second only to the polio vaccine and the cyborg that assumed the form of Mick Jagger many years ago. Like the best drugs in the world, it offers escape in enslavement and we’re only too happy to roll up our sleeves for the friendly neighbourhood wi-fi dealer. The sensory overload it offers is eclectic, to say the least. On the one hand, it allows us to obsess over a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who joins an ad agency in the ‘60s so that he can drink Scotch all day and bide his time, before marching through an expanse of undulating…

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