Direct Dil Se (Not a Poem)

There is hope while at work,
To work more,
But Differently.

As I drag myself back home,
There is hope,

Of new things I would do tonight.
Of new things I would tweet tonight.

As I reach home,
I fall.
Melancholy encapsulates me.

Nostalgia,they say, is a bitch!
Oh yes, coz we are trying to run away,
From our past.

I know no way to live,
Than by being in peace with my past.

I know no way to love,
Than to recount every moment we lived.

There are piles of files to write off.
There are miles to go.

But without you,
There is just a long straight road.
It merges in the horizon;
The horizon moves with me.
Unreachable,like you.


Like the kid that lost his favourite toy,
He runs around with beating legs.
In search of a substitute,
Which he knows exists not.

Filling his time with pranks a lot,
And making friends that may help him find,
The toy he took to bed each night,
For he didn’t want to lose it at all.

But that rainy night with hair so wet,
Walking through knee-deep mud,
He couldn’t realize the loosening grip,
Of the toy so beloved.

Went crying he when couldn’t find,
The greatest joy he ever had,
The moon-light just wasn’t enough,
He wished the toy would illuminate.

Billion moments have passed since then,
He reminisces every moment of joy.
He searches on streets virgin,
Praying to find back his lovely toy.

Ankhein Dekhi Hain

Kabhi aadhi raat ko nakabandi karne waale police waale ki ankhon mein apne bachche ka takiya ban ne ki khwahish dekhi hai?

Amaavas ki uss ujaali raat ko, emergency ward ki nurse ki aankhon mein diyon ki kashish dekhi hai?

Kya dekhi hai tumne kabhi,boodhey jamaaldaar ki woh jhuki hui nazar,jo pal mein aapko bhi rula sakti hai?

Kabhi sote hue night-watchmen ko jagaane k baad uski aankhon mein roti ka khauf dekha hai?

Kya dekhi hai kabhi, tumhare pita k umra ke aadmi ki aankhein, tumhein susajjit dukaan mein joota try karaate waqt?

Gaanv se pehli baar sheher aaya bachche ki,tumhare mehnge phone ko ghoorti aankhein dekhi hain?

Aankhein bahut kuch kehti hain. Par kya hum dekh paate hain?

Woh log zaroor dekh paate hain,jo har subah eeshwar se aankhein mila k baat karte hain.




I don’t know of you,I am a tagline freak. A few advts/taglines, which I use in my day to day life:

  • When I open my lunch box,I don’t invite people to eat.I just yell “Samsung”. Because their tagline is/was “Everyone’s Invited
  • I stop myself from saying “Garnier” to people.Their tagline is “Take Care”.
  • When someone says “Anything Else?”, I follow it up with “is just a car”.This is the tagline of some car from the early 2000s
  • Whenever I see a “Ford Ikon”, I go “The Josh Machine”.

Will add more as and when I recollect

The Coffee

The innocence saw the first city-party of her life with booze and smoke engulfing young Men and Women alike.”What kind of party is this!” she exclaimed.”Why is this generation so misled?!”,she told him.

She was shivering of cold,clad in her coat,drenched in the heavy showers a few minutes before they had reached the venue.While he gently rubbed her palm to give her some much needed warmth,he explained,”I know how you are feeling about all this.I equally dislike this type of life.This isn’t our upbringing.And we are glad about it,aren’t we?”. She smiled in the affirmative.But that hardly reduced her predicament.She was freezing.

She was proud of him.Sangeeta and Rakesh had met only recently via common friends.And they had clicked instantly.

“You would never want to consume alcohol?”,she asked.”No!”,he quickly replied.The party was really high with all the booze and the (dirty)dancing had begun.”Why don’t you go and join them for the dance? Its okay.I will be fine…”,she had begun to feel guilty he wasn’t able to enjoy the party because of her sudden bad-health.

He smiled back at her.No words were spoken.She knew he would never leave her alone,especially if she wasn’t alright.The host suggested some hot coffee and they thought it was a great idea.Away from the party hall,inside a relatively quiet restaurant in the same building,she sipped on to her coffee with her pink-lips.It was warm here.The coffee was making it even pleasant for her.

Post-coffee,a 15 minutes presence in the party was submitted,as they took leave of the host and hostess.
They walked a bit to hop into a bus back home.But suddenly it began to rain again.They took the first cab available and were on their way.
He caught her palm and rubbed them.She hugged him.And then they were both lost….

Its a women’s world.And thats how it is supposed to be.

Its a women’s world.And it was supposed to be like that.

Yes. I genuinely feel its a women’s world.No,I am not being sarcastic.It is.

If there is peace,it is because a woman understands your bad mood and stops propagating the pessimism.

If there is life,it is because a woman chose to bear the pain to bring you to this world.She chose to compromise her personal ambitions and thought of her family.She sacrificed her youth to play the role of God. Motherhood,some say is a gift to a woman.I say,it is a gift to mankind by women.

Men live under the impression that they protect their women.But in my opinion, a woman protects a man; both physically and mentally.She makes him learn and practice civilization.This serves the above.

Women are human.But men have either romanticized them into  beauty objects, or worshiped them into godliness.

Give them the respect and worship, a goddess deserves.Expect them to understand only what a human can.Love them the way you would love GOD.Give her the space to grow you would like for yourself.

She will always be patient with your shakiness.You be patient with her too.The women in your life; mother,sister,wife being most close; will take care of themselves.But if you do not,you are failing to express gratitude.