Speaking my Heart Out…

Today I feel very very lost. Almost non-existent. Its almost like I lost memory. I am wondering if this is a result of my “long-term-illness” or my “long-term-vacantness”. There have been no Eureka moments for sometime now. Calmness and cool have been lost. Thoughtfulness is missing. “Killer Instinct” has vanished. Suddenly,today,I  wonder if this is the same me, who could rise from ashes like clock-work?! I am surprised,disoriented,broken and lonely. That special one’s charm needs to come back. That special one needs to be me myself now. Did I tell you I am continuously trying to make that happen.

This is one “crest-fallen” post by me. But trust me,thats how I am feeling right now. :(.

Praying for mighty courage and strength. Looking forward to recuperate. Ciao.



Breaking the Bad Day Syndrome

Gaurav Dadhich - Positive Day
Thank God It’s Friday. I have finally managed to break my week-long Bad Day Syndrome today. And don’t be mistaken, the day didn’t improve itself. It always has to be me improving my day, along with the numerous, not-so-happening things happening around.

The day definitely felt better, thanks to the early morning gym session, pleasant atmosphere at home and the comfortable ride till Borivali Station on a bike.

The day was indeed a lesson to myself, on, how not to hate someone, just because they aren’t your type. How not to bother oneself because of others’ goof-ups. How not to fail to accept and enjoy, those small gifts God gives us – The weekend breeze, the Pieces of Chocolate Cake, the liveliness of your city/ neighborhood.

Moreover, you cant have a better day – with 8.30 pm Dinner, Long chat with family, uninterrupted access to Internet.

I felt Positive Today.

Daily Diary 25-10-2010

Had a Bad Bad Day!!!!

If there exists something called a bad-day, it was today. Start to end, bad.

Got up late, missed gym(again). Followed by sore eyes due to prolonged lack of sound sleep.

Also woke up to know that my mid-year appraisal was JUST A DREAM!!!

Left home,only to realise that my cellphone was dry of talk-time/balance. When I reached office to login to my Bank Account to Recharge my phone, I realised I had made the final unsuccessful attempt to login to my account (of the 5 permissible attempts). So account blocked for further login attempts, for the day. And a talk-time less cellphone.

The day progressed with an attempt to resolve long-due Critical Bugs, suggestions to which were random and inaccurate. And along with a good headache, the day was already the worst in a long time.Lunch was good though.

But what came post lunch,convinced me of a bad day. Broke my spectacles in a very freak incident. Now I was sitting there with watery eyes, in front of my machine, trying to solve bugs. However,I figured out by evening, I figured out a way of solving through them

Finally, got some reprise as I reached home and settled in front of my laptop,cozily. Bad day,good night. Send your good brethren tomorrow onwards.

Daily Diary – 24th October 2010.

Woke up to find the whole house messed up, parents and siblings cleaning the house, as a part of
Deepavali preparations. A very nice and bright morning , with a lot of plans for the day, made me feel
very happy and focused. Day – Long Meeting session at Oberoi Mall, discussing the in and out of our new
venture with Rashmi, Niidhi, Aditya. Learnt a few problems with my communication skills. Learnt close
friends/business partners get offended when one is not polite enough. Was time I learnt that, anyway.

Chocolate Fatasy of Cafe Coffee Day

Choco-Hola and Chocolate Fantasy at CCD rocked and let me see some precious smiles.

Learnt that
spending judiciously isn’t a crime. Its rather an art I fair at.

Planned to contribute to the ‘Ek Jodi Kapda’ Initiative, late at night. Have a few dozens of clothing that can be
helpful. However, the collection center; Malaika Electronics,Bhayandar West, did not accept the clothes citing lack of space due to non-clearance of previous donations from his shop.

Plan to sleep early tonight. Must hit gym regularly tomorrow onwards and must get efficient at work.
Hope I live upto the plan. Will write about that tomorrow.