Patience 27-05

I had written a small Patience 02-04 last year,when India had won the Cricket World Cup. Well, this one is for KKR’s IPL Win.

Patience has won.

1) Patience of one Jaques Kallis – Perhaps the best all rounder of modern cricket. In all formats of the game. Stats peak for themselves. Belonging  to a powerful South African Cricket team, who has missed on World Cups,ICC Knockouts,T20 WorldCups and what not. Only patience can get such a man going. And it did. Master knock that made them win the IPL5.

2) Patience of one Vijay Dahiya – Long domestic career, followed by a short stint with the Indian National Team. Ups and Downs in a career that can break anyone. But not this man. Took up the charge of KKR as assistant coach. The mental strength the KKR  boys show today speak tons about his hard work over the past few months. His patience lets him taste success today.

3)  Patience of one Shakib Al Hasan – Coming from a difficult,young Bangladesh, looking promising from the word GO! This man has single-handedly led the Bangladesh Cricket team to several wins. Best ODI all rounder by ICC. At times, his outstanding performance also would not allow him the taste of a big tournament’s win. Well, this man did all he could this season of IPL and the result is right there. Patience won!

4) Patience of one  SRK, on Juhi Chawla Mehta, one Jay Mehta – 3 seasons of utter despair. A playoffs loss last season and bashing in the first innings today. Nothing but patience sees you through such tough times.

And then the patience of fans,the team and supporting staff, supporting their team through 5 years of thick and thin. Kudos!

Patience indeed is an important virtue of life. Patience can perhaps bring you what even prayers cannot.

Ankhein Dekhi Hain

Kabhi aadhi raat ko nakabandi karne waale police waale ki ankhon mein apne bachche ka takiya ban ne ki khwahish dekhi hai?

Amaavas ki uss ujaali raat ko, emergency ward ki nurse ki aankhon mein diyon ki kashish dekhi hai?

Kya dekhi hai tumne kabhi,boodhey jamaaldaar ki woh jhuki hui nazar,jo pal mein aapko bhi rula sakti hai?

Kabhi sote hue night-watchmen ko jagaane k baad uski aankhon mein roti ka khauf dekha hai?

Kya dekhi hai kabhi, tumhare pita k umra ke aadmi ki aankhein, tumhein susajjit dukaan mein joota try karaate waqt?

Gaanv se pehli baar sheher aaya bachche ki,tumhare mehnge phone ko ghoorti aankhein dekhi hain?

Aankhein bahut kuch kehti hain. Par kya hum dekh paate hain?

Woh log zaroor dekh paate hain,jo har subah eeshwar se aankhein mila k baat karte hain.



I Miss Indi-pop

I have grown up in the era, whent the society migrated from Chitrahaar to Philips Top -10. From the Indian music to the fusion of Indo-Pop music.

Baba Sehgal’s Aaja Meri Gaadi Main Baith Ja, Alisha’s Made In India, etc where it all started for me. Foot-tapping music with lyrics that had a tinge of the West and that could connect instantly with the hope and aspirations of an emerging,young India.

There are so many tracks,albums,artists I can talk about. A few of them are :

1)  Usha Utthup’s Hari Om Hari(I remember the spoof – Hari Om Hari,Sridevi Mari :D)
2)  Daler Mehndi’s Tunak Tunak tun (Remember dancing to it in Std.6).Also, the video is worth a rewatch. :D.
Also,Bolo Tara Ra Ra – The Marriage Band’s favourite.
3)  Soul reaping music by the Colonial Brothers
4)  Euphoria’s brilliant romantic music. “Tum Ho Meri Main Tumhara”, “Kaise Bhulegi mera Naam”, “Kabhi aana tu meri gali” and Offcourse, “Maaeri”.
I remember my elder brother pointing out to parents. “He is a doctor and makes music. I can do that too” (And so he did).
5)  There was Shubha Mudgal’s Abke Sawaan. Perfect fusion.
6)  Oh,and how can I forget a zorbing ball Adnan Sami, rocking the nation with his classic Lift Karadey. Followed by some really sweet romantic and fun songs.The one with Sr. Bachchan.And the World Cup song, “Aaaye O… Aye O Aaa”
7)  Falguni Pathak’s amzing girlie love numbers. “Maine Paayal Hai Chhankayi”. At school,we did a small performace of this song for Annual day.Remember being an infinitesimally small part of it.
8)  Lucky Ali’s hypotic voice really shook my soul with “Gori teri aankhein”.
9)  Aghosh’s “Mil jo jaaye thoda paisa”. A beautiful comment on life in a struggling,growing India.
10)  Band of Boys – “Tu hi mera Pyaar Gori”. Amazing Song
11)  Aryans – “Ankhon mein tera hi chehra”, “Dekha hai teri ankhon mein”. Sigh!
12)  “Chui Mui Si tum lagti ho”. Sweetest song. Dad used to listen to it every morning.
12)  And then, the remix gen songs. “Mere Naseeb Mein”, “Bheegi Beegi Raaton Mein”, “Kehdoon Tumhein”. I studied my 9th and 10th listening to these over FM.So,so fresh!
13)  Rageshwari – “Kahin karta hoga,woh mera…..”. She was a heartthrob once.
14)  Bombay Vikings – “Chhod Do Aanchal”, “Woh Chali”.
15)  Babul Supriyo – “Sochta Hoon uska dil…” …. Grew up listening to this song and feeling.My school bestie’s then favorite song.
16)  Shan’s “Tanha Dil” and “Bhool Jaa” are amongst my all time favourites.
17)  Bombay Rockers,Zeus,Juggy d,Jay Sean,Veronica,Raghav Mathur gave me my junior college playlist.
18)  Alka Yagnik’s “Dil tha yahaan abhi abhi” and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab’s some magical numbers.

And the list could go on and on and on….

But where is Indi-pop now? Disappeared? Died? Why? :O

P.S. – Don’t know if Kailash Kher and Kailasa’s music can be included into Indi-pop. They are just too divine for that.


Like most festivals around the world,Diwali too has a misleading mythological belief. Return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya. Maybe something like this actually did happen. However,the actual reason, like behind most festivals around the world, is life. Cleanliness. Celebration of being alive. Of remembering family,friends. Of forgetting problems,fights,etc. Of cleaning up – soul, mind and surroundings. Reminder to reduce the toxic in our lives. Lifestyle.Hearts. Of lighting up our world. With lights of sense,respect,knowledge and hard work. Using oil lamps to light a dark night is also good. It not just signifies optimism,but also spreads and makes you feel it.

Well,someone explain to me how  fireworks/crackers fit in this situation. Agreed it is a by-product of evolution of the celebration of Diwali in India. However, aren’t we over doing it?

I am not saying I never lit crackers. Like every child,I was crazy about them. But somewhere in Std. 10,I realized, enough! I no more need to fire up noise to feel happy or festive. Now I not just avoid it completely myself, but ensure I regulate how much my siblings light. Or good people I know. I am trying to reduce its usage.Yes. Zillions are trying.Maybe we will be unable to make even an iota of difference to you. But I want to tell a lot of you,who are just under peer pressure,or feel it is uncool to avoid crackers,that you are not alone.

So, this Diwali, light up diyas. Clean your house and mind. Spread,feel and honor love,family and life.Existence. Celebrate,but cut the fireworks. Least reduce the usage. Tell your younger ones to reduce the same.

With the money saved, you may light up someone’s life with a solar lantern. How? Here!

Or, after your annual cleaning, you might find a few old/new clothes which are in usable conditions. You can help millions of not-so-fortunate brethren by sharing them with Ek Jodi Kapda.

Or maybe you could spend sometime with the local orphan-age or old-age home. With a few sweets, maybe a few lights, some necessities and a lot of love. Go there with your family. Let it be a collective spread of love. All cannot do each of these. But atleast try. Smile to your watchmen, driver,maid,doctor (God forbid you need one on Diwali), police,newspaper boy,cleaner ,etc. It is their festival to. Let them know their service is beyond their payment. Beyond a job.

Basically, atleast for 4-5 days, lets do what we are supposed to be doing all life. Let this Diwali be the beginning.

Enjoy. Have a safe Diwali.

What has the world come to?!

Sanity is difficult.But the world around is going crazy beyond limits. In the City section of today’s TOI,I read the following :

 The links to these stories can be found here:

I mean,what has the world come to! We are killing life like a piece of joke.All these three are so disturbing.Yes,this city has stress.But why are we so pathetic? Whom do you want to blame? Every single person in this city (won’t call them citizens.Its a fucking crowd.) is responsible for this,according to me.We are all smiling and happy,with dead souls inside.

Surrounded by lakhs of fake souls,one is set to be fake and crazy.The weaker ones succumb.The stronger ones are so happy that their lives are better now,that they will forget there are others! This is not the world HE asked us to make. And if you cannot do your bit to help it,don’t you ever crib when you do not get support.

Go ahead,be genuinely happy.I mean genuinely. Smile,cry,laugh – genuinely.Be helpful,kind understanding.In this universe,every other soul’s good or bad is gonna affect your good or bad. Atleast be selfish and help be good.