Direct Dil Se (Not a Poem)

There is hope while at work,
To work more,
But Differently.

As I drag myself back home,
There is hope,

Of new things I would do tonight.
Of new things I would tweet tonight.

As I reach home,
I fall.
Melancholy encapsulates me.

Nostalgia,they say, is a bitch!
Oh yes, coz we are trying to run away,
From our past.

I know no way to live,
Than by being in peace with my past.

I know no way to love,
Than to recount every moment we lived.

There are piles of files to write off.
There are miles to go.

But without you,
There is just a long straight road.
It merges in the horizon;
The horizon moves with me.
Unreachable,like you.

Random Ramblings – 1 – Excellence

Excellence.Nothing else,but excellence matters. In anything you do in life. And I am not talking about hobbies,etc. I am talking about you yourself.

What are you without excellence? Excellence of your thoughts.Your deeds.Your beliefs.Your love.Your work. I am sure no one wants mediocrity. Right from the farmer that ploughs his tough land to the billionaire who has everything. Mediocrity is frowned upon by all.

Then why do we settle for anything less than excellence,at any given point in life? Will power. I am sure I dont need to tell you what that is!

So,just get up and run.Life waits for none.Make an impact.Change the way the world is.Make it a better place to live in.