Twitter Features Required

Twitter recently updated its Web UI with a few “features” like the Activity Tab which is basically a stream of activities of the people you follow.There is also a ticker on the RHS.Both,clearly lifted off from Facebook.Also,I do not see the purpose of such a tab.Things worth noticing anyway trend or are shared on the TL.Unnecessary clutter!

It also got away with the Retweets Tab and all your Mentions and Retweets now come under a common tab @<your_handle>. Clear imitation of Google’s left-corner tab for Google +.

I do not think very highly of these Twitter Updates. Clearly shows a lack of focus. Twitter could have rather worked on a few features that would make the Web UI more usable and interesting.

The following could have been done :
1) Retweet with comments. This is so much needed for the Web UI.Twitter should have made this a part of the UI long long back.
2) Tagging. More often than not,I can’t find the handle I am trying to tag. Should have rather worked on fixing that.
3) Retweets count – We could do with a more sensible way of accessing Retweets counts and the Retweeters. That’s what the people are interested in.
4) Ample issues with late-loading of Mentions. Improvise that.
5) Truncate/delete bulk tweets is a feature many could use. Atleast I could.


Like most festivals around the world,Diwali too has a misleading mythological belief. Return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya. Maybe something like this actually did happen. However,the actual reason, like behind most festivals around the world, is life. Cleanliness. Celebration of being alive. Of remembering family,friends. Of forgetting problems,fights,etc. Of cleaning up – soul, mind and surroundings. Reminder to reduce the toxic in our lives. Lifestyle.Hearts. Of lighting up our world. With lights of sense,respect,knowledge and hard work. Using oil lamps to light a dark night is also good. It not just signifies optimism,but also spreads and makes you feel it.

Well,someone explain to me how  fireworks/crackers fit in this situation. Agreed it is a by-product of evolution of the celebration of Diwali in India. However, aren’t we over doing it?

I am not saying I never lit crackers. Like every child,I was crazy about them. But somewhere in Std. 10,I realized, enough! I no more need to fire up noise to feel happy or festive. Now I not just avoid it completely myself, but ensure I regulate how much my siblings light. Or good people I know. I am trying to reduce its usage.Yes. Zillions are trying.Maybe we will be unable to make even an iota of difference to you. But I want to tell a lot of you,who are just under peer pressure,or feel it is uncool to avoid crackers,that you are not alone.

So, this Diwali, light up diyas. Clean your house and mind. Spread,feel and honor love,family and life.Existence. Celebrate,but cut the fireworks. Least reduce the usage. Tell your younger ones to reduce the same.

With the money saved, you may light up someone’s life with a solar lantern. How? Here!

Or, after your annual cleaning, you might find a few old/new clothes which are in usable conditions. You can help millions of not-so-fortunate brethren by sharing them with Ek Jodi Kapda.

Or maybe you could spend sometime with the local orphan-age or old-age home. With a few sweets, maybe a few lights, some necessities and a lot of love. Go there with your family. Let it be a collective spread of love. All cannot do each of these. But atleast try. Smile to your watchmen, driver,maid,doctor (God forbid you need one on Diwali), police,newspaper boy,cleaner ,etc. It is their festival to. Let them know their service is beyond their payment. Beyond a job.

Basically, atleast for 4-5 days, lets do what we are supposed to be doing all life. Let this Diwali be the beginning.

Enjoy. Have a safe Diwali.

What has the world come to?!

Sanity is difficult.But the world around is going crazy beyond limits. In the City section of today’s TOI,I read the following :

 The links to these stories can be found here:

I mean,what has the world come to! We are killing life like a piece of joke.All these three are so disturbing.Yes,this city has stress.But why are we so pathetic? Whom do you want to blame? Every single person in this city (won’t call them citizens.Its a fucking crowd.) is responsible for this,according to me.We are all smiling and happy,with dead souls inside.

Surrounded by lakhs of fake souls,one is set to be fake and crazy.The weaker ones succumb.The stronger ones are so happy that their lives are better now,that they will forget there are others! This is not the world HE asked us to make. And if you cannot do your bit to help it,don’t you ever crib when you do not get support.

Go ahead,be genuinely happy.I mean genuinely. Smile,cry,laugh – genuinely.Be helpful,kind understanding.In this universe,every other soul’s good or bad is gonna affect your good or bad. Atleast be selfish and help be good.

Its a women’s world.And thats how it is supposed to be.

Its a women’s world.And it was supposed to be like that.

Yes. I genuinely feel its a women’s world.No,I am not being sarcastic.It is.

If there is peace,it is because a woman understands your bad mood and stops propagating the pessimism.

If there is life,it is because a woman chose to bear the pain to bring you to this world.She chose to compromise her personal ambitions and thought of her family.She sacrificed her youth to play the role of God. Motherhood,some say is a gift to a woman.I say,it is a gift to mankind by women.

Men live under the impression that they protect their women.But in my opinion, a woman protects a man; both physically and mentally.She makes him learn and practice civilization.This serves the above.

Women are human.But men have either romanticized them into  beauty objects, or worshiped them into godliness.

Give them the respect and worship, a goddess deserves.Expect them to understand only what a human can.Love them the way you would love GOD.Give her the space to grow you would like for yourself.

She will always be patient with your shakiness.You be patient with her too.The women in your life; mother,sister,wife being most close; will take care of themselves.But if you do not,you are failing to express gratitude.

Ek Jodi Kapda

Ek Jodi Kapda

Ek jodi Kapda is an initiative to provide the basic necessity of clothing to the people who are Below Poverty Line(BPL). It is supported by Consumer Electronics Company Whirlpool and NGO GOONJ

The initiative aims at collecting abandoned clothes of good structure and distributing them amongst the BPL people,across the nation. Especially on the eve of the strong North Indian winters,which is the cause of death of several hundreds every year, the initiative looks well placed.

For a long while, me and a lot of my friends were wondering as to where can we donate that expensive jeans of mine,which is tight coz of our McDonald’s-type eating habits. Ek Jodi Kapda is the perfect answer.

It is very easy to locate a drop box/Collection centre near you, using their Drop Box Locator.

Since greats like Socialite and actress Shabana Azmi is the ambassador for the initiative, we can rest assured that the initiative is not a fraud or an ad-gimmick by a Multi-National Company.

I request you to clean up your cupboards off the old clothing and donate them at a drop box near you, well before the winter starts.