What are HRs looking for in fresh graduates(tech + MBA)?

I have had the opportunity to interact with a lot of senior managers and senior HR Personnel (recruitment decision makers and panelists). Also, my collective learning from my colleagues and peers who have been panelists at various recruitment drives and their interactions with the decision makers have helped me understand a few things about recruitment of fresh graduates (both Tech and Management). Let me summarize them as:

  • Core skills and logical skills matter a lot more over exam scores
  • Ability of person to adjust to learn and hone core skills, matter the most
  • Cultural fit of the candidate with the organization
  • Adaptability and scalability of the candidate
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Whether the candidate has a good idea of how he can learn,unlearn and relearn to bring value to the organization
  • Whether he/she has done the diligence about the organization, the industry and the job description

Keep these in mind to prepare for your interviews and interviews shall become learning experiences in themselves.

*As and when I recall more, I shall add them as comments. You are also requested to do the same.

Tech Interview Questions – Core Java,Database,Hibernate

Some famous and common questions asked in Technical Interview for a Java Professional are as follows.Off course,this is not a comprehensive list.But you can always add your suggestions as replies or mail them to me on gd1410[at]gmail[dot]com. I shall append them to this post and shall not default on providing appropriate credits.

Core Java
1. Draw Collection hierarchy?
2. Diff bw String and StringBuffer?
3. Diff bw StringBuffer n StringBuilder?
4. How to Create Threads?
5. What are different stages of Threads?
6. what are wait(), notiy(), notifyAll() and in which class these are defined.
7. Diff bw wait() n sleep()
8. purpose of Wrapper classes
9. diff btw jdk1.4 and jdk1.5
10. Compare and compareTo
11. What is compareable?
12. How to write comparator?
13. How to make HashMap a synchronized class
14. Diff bw iterator n listiterator
16. Diff bw HashTable n HashMap
17. What is Collections?
18. What does Collection provide?
19. What are the benifits of enhanced for loop in jdk1.5
20. Explain auto boxing and unboxing.
21. Give some String based programs and you have to tell the o/p.
22. How to give any custom object as a key in HasMap?

1. what is ACID property of transaction?
2. Types of join
3. What is normalization?
4. What are different types of normalization?

1. How to take DB connection in Hibernate?
2. Write a program in hibernate for saving a new Employee object in db.
3. How transaction is handled in hibernate?

1. What parameters do you keep in mind while writing a performance oriented code?
2. What do you consider while reviewing code?
3. What are the parameters used for measuring quality?
4. Expalin your product you are currently working upon.


P.S – The source of the above questions is an email forward.I have not compiled this list.