Twitter Features Required

Twitter recently updated its Web UI with a few “features” like the Activity Tab which is basically a stream of activities of the people you follow.There is also a ticker on the RHS.Both,clearly lifted off from Facebook.Also,I do not see the purpose of such a tab.Things worth noticing anyway trend or are shared on the TL.Unnecessary clutter!

It also got away with the Retweets Tab and all your Mentions and Retweets now come under a common tab @<your_handle>. Clear imitation of Google’s left-corner tab for Google +.

I do not think very highly of these Twitter Updates. Clearly shows a lack of focus. Twitter could have rather worked on a few features that would make the Web UI more usable and interesting.

The following could have been done :
1) Retweet with comments. This is so much needed for the Web UI.Twitter should have made this a part of the UI long long back.
2) Tagging. More often than not,I can’t find the handle I am trying to tag. Should have rather worked on fixing that.
3) Retweets count – We could do with a more sensible way of accessing Retweets counts and the Retweeters. That’s what the people are interested in.
4) Ample issues with late-loading of Mentions. Improvise that.
5) Truncate/delete bulk tweets is a feature many could use. Atleast I could.

Silicon India’s Startup City,Mumbai 2011

After registering for endless Silicon India events and attending none,I ensured to attend Startup City,2011 today.A small account of the event is as follows:

  • The address of the venue was incomplete and insufficient.Without any landmarks pointed out.Also,when I called them up asking for directions, but they still could not help me out with it.
  • We were requested to reach at 8.30 am for easy registration process. Reached them on time.There was nothing like registration process.Absolutely.
  • At 8.30 am,the auditorium had no Air Conditioning on.Tens of audience were left to get roasted in the auditorium till 9.15 am
  • However,from 9.00 am to 9.30 am, there was an exhibition of a few startups. This was a good experience. and LA Technologies were the most interesting stalls. Also,communicating with these startups,I could actually take away a lot of implicit knowledge from them about their domains and also starting up in general.
  • The session started at around 10.From 9.30 to 10.00,I was seated in the auditorium.The two gentlemen sitting to my either sides were both entrepreneurs with brilliant startups. Qwerty Labs and Sky kay Paar .
  • They introduced me to their ventures.Both are amazing. Then I pitched a very crude idea with them.That led us to a very interesting discussion.I understood why we always need a team to start up.Ideas multiply and clarify.
  • The keynote address by Mr.Mahesh Murthy of Pinstorm was amazing. Firstly,he is a brilliant and clear speaker.I was stumped. Next his entrepreneurial journey is totally interesting.If I find the transcripts of his talks somewhere,I shall upload the same.
  • This was followed by a Panel discussion on “Milestones to Startups”. It was strictly average.The panel were not able to connect with the audience and hence there was this info gap.
  • Soon,the next sessions by a few VCs started and it began to give a picture of how the rest of the day would be very gloomy.I decided to leave mid-way.
  • Conclusion: Avoid attending Silicon India events unless the speakers and the Agenda is brilliant and the venue is even slightly corporate.
  • Also,all the PPTs shared will be provided by Silicon India by Monday.So watch this space for the same.

Basic Overview on Cloud Computing

I happened to do some reading on Cloud Computing and also happened to attend Cloud Camp Sept,2011 at Pune. I understood it was necessary to clear the cloud around Cloud Computing. I did a small,pretty basic presentation for the same.This presentation can be found here :

Cloud Computing – Basic Overview

Cloud Computing – Basic Overview (Office 2003)

Please give me feedback,ask questions,doubts and point out if you find discrepancies or mistakes.I would love to stand corrected.