Twitter Features Required

Twitter recently updated its Web UI with a few “features” like the Activity Tab which is basically a stream of activities of the people you follow.There is also a ticker on the RHS.Both,clearly lifted off from Facebook.Also,I do not see the purpose of such a tab.Things worth noticing anyway trend or are shared on the TL.Unnecessary clutter!

It also got away with the Retweets Tab and all your Mentions and Retweets now come under a common tab @<your_handle>. Clear imitation of Google’s left-corner tab for Google +.

I do not think very highly of these Twitter Updates. Clearly shows a lack of focus. Twitter could have rather worked on a few features that would make the Web UI more usable and interesting.

The following could have been done :
1) Retweet with comments. This is so much needed for the Web UI.Twitter should have made this a part of the UI long long back.
2) Tagging. More often than not,I can’t find the handle I am trying to tag. Should have rather worked on fixing that.
3) Retweets count – We could do with a more sensible way of accessing Retweets counts and the Retweeters. That’s what the people are interested in.
4) Ample issues with late-loading of Mentions. Improvise that.
5) Truncate/delete bulk tweets is a feature many could use. Atleast I could.

Web 2.0 UI – The non-standard Web 2.0 UI and Design guidelines

Web 2.0 UI or slick web UI in other words, is not a rocket science.Nor is it a set of well defined guidelines or standards,approved by any International authority. However, we all know it exists and moreover,it is important.

Please find a few links below that explains Web 2.0 UI Standards both in terms of Design and Usability:


Web 2.0

Web 2.0